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The Grade Ones and Twos have been reading Fairy Tales. This week we are reading Cinderella.

Click HERE to try the Cinderella Word Find or click the picture to read the story.



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Hi Mrs Philippe!
I loved the word search! I found all the words by myself!
From Natalie

Well done Natalie! I’ll put a new word find on the blog for you.
From Mrs Philippe

Dear Mrs Philippe,
I am a kangaroo for Book Week. Are you a sheep?
I liked the show The Curious Game by Born in a Taxi. Did you like it too?
From May

Hi May!
Yes, I was Shaun the Sheep for Book Week. I loved your Kangaroo costume. It was so much fun with everyone dressed up. I really it enjoyed the show too. I especially liked the part when the made Billy King.
From Mrs Philippe

Hi Mrs Philippe
I read the Cinderella book and I went on Reading Eggs.
From Sarah

That’s great Sarah! I hope you enjoyed it.
From Mrs Philippe

Hi Mrs Philippe! I loved making the butter in class because it was so yummy eating it with bread! I hope we get to make more foods soon!
From Mary

Hi Mary!
I’m glad you enjoyed making butter. I thought it was delicious. Perhaps you’ll do some cooking with Mrs June Pereira next term. Enjoy your holidays.
From Mrs Philippe

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