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The Grade Ones and Twos have been reading Fairy Tales. This week we are reading Cinderella.

Click HERE or HERE to listen to the Cinderella e-book.

Click HERE to try the Cinderella Word Find or click the picture to read the story.



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Hi Mrs Philippe!
I loved the word search! I found all the words by myself!
From Natalie

Well done Natalie! I’ll put a new word find on the blog for you.
From Mrs Philippe

Dear Mrs Philippe,
I am a kangaroo for Book Week. Are you a sheep?
I liked the show The Curious Game by Born in a Taxi. Did you like it too?
From May

Hi May!
Yes, I was Shaun the Sheep for Book Week. I loved your Kangaroo costume. It was so much fun with everyone dressed up. I really it enjoyed the show too. I especially liked the part when the made Billy King.
From Mrs Philippe

Hi Mrs Philippe
I read the Cinderella book and I went on Reading Eggs.
From Sarah

That’s great Sarah! I hope you enjoyed it.
From Mrs Philippe

Hi Mrs Philippe! I loved making the butter in class because it was so yummy eating it with bread! I hope we get to make more foods soon!
From Mary

Hi Mary!
I’m glad you enjoyed making butter. I thought it was delicious. Perhaps you’ll do some cooking with Mrs June Pereira next term. Enjoy your holidays.
From Mrs Philippe

Hi 1/2PS
I liked the word search.
From Jenelle

Hi 1/2PS

I liked the word find. It was fun.
from Tim

Dear Mrs Philippe,

Thank you Mrs Philippe for teaching us to read fairy tales.
from Annabelle

Hi 1/2 PS,
I like the Cinderella story very much. I hope Mrs Philippe will get this message about Cinderella.

from Jennifer 🙂

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