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I am so lucky to be working with 3/4 Fitz this week. Keep an eye on my blog to see what we get up to.

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Dear Mrs Philippe,
The books look like they would be very interesting to read if you love sport. Be Bully Free looks very interesting.
My questions:
Whats your favourite sport and who is you favourite person playing that sport?
Who are authors that you like to read?
From Victoria

Hi Mrs Philippe,
I would like to ask Michael how long has he been an author. I am interested to read the book “The Boy Who Isn’t There”.

From Nam 3/4FZ

Dear Mrs Philippe
This is what I’m going to ask MICHEAL:
How old are you? What was your first book you wrote?
From Anh-Tai

Hi Mrs Philippe,
I would like to ask Michael Panckridge ‘What interests you about being an author?’ and ‘Do you have any friends that are authors?’
I’m interested in his series called ‘Big Bash League’
From Rachel

Dear Mrs Philippe,
Wow, Michael Panckridge’s books are very interesting.
I don’t really like sporty books much but I kind of like mystery books .

How many books has he published?
Did he have someone to help him make the books ?

From Vivian

Dear Mrs Philippe,
I’m going to ask Michael who his favourite character in his books is.

from Julie

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