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Inspired by his passion for sport and desire to get reluctant readers engaged in books, Michael Panckridge put his mind to the job of creating a series of engaging, fast-paced sporty books. Books for kids who, let’s be honest, would probably rather be out there playing the game, than reading about it! That was Michael as a boy.

Growing up, all Michael needed at hand was a bat or ball (depending on the season!) but as the son of an author, librarian and English teacher and thus living in a household filled with books, it wasn’t long before he was caught up in a world of stories.

These stories are now some of Australia’s most popular children’s books.

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Hi Mrs Philippe!
This is what I’m going to ask Michael
“When you were a kid, were you interested in anything other than sport?”
From Kiera

Hi Mrs Philippe!
Wow, Michael’s books are actually really interesting. I wondern how Micheal Pankridge comes up with his ideas? What’s his inspiration?
From Jessica

Hi Mrs Philippe!
I’m going to ask Michael when did he start wanting to be an author.
From Angelina

Dear Mrs Philippe
I’m going to ask Micheal When did he start wanting to be an author?
from Angelina

Dear Mrs Philippe,

I like sports so much. I hope Michael writes more books. I am interested in more sport books.

From Richard 3/4fz

Dear Mrs Philippe
Here are some things l want to know about Michael.
What is your favourite sport?
How old are you?
TV show?
From Ryan L

Dear Mrs Philippe,

This is what I’m going to say to Michael Panckridge:

“I might be interested in your books because I like rugby, soccer and basketball.”

from Jason

Hi Mrs Philippe,

How many books has Michael Panckridge published?

What was his first book he published?

How old was he when he published his first book?

Who is Michael Panckridge’s favorite author?

What was his favorite book that he published?

From Janetta

Hi! Mrs Philippe
I want to ask Michael what his favorite book that he has written is and how many books he has written. I hope I can ask him those questions.
From Ryan

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