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On Friday 16th March we went on Puffing Billy to celebrate our school’s 80th anniversary.

We had to arrive at school very early to catch the bus to the station.

When we got there we waited on the platform to board the train. We could see lots of steam.

We waved at all the people as the train took off. We could see lots of trees out the window.

It was so much fun riding on Puffing Billy with all of our friends.

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Hi 1/2PS!
I’m so sorry that I missed all the fun at Puffing Billy. What was your favourite part of the excursion?
From Mrs Philippe

I liked the statue.
From Vyom

To 1/2 PS
I liked Puffing Billy and I hope you did too. I had lots of fun going to Puffing Billy.
from Rinna

dear 1/2PS
At Puffing Billy it was so fun and cool and i am so sorry that Mrs Philippe did not come
from tim

To 1/2 PS
I liked our assembly.
From Eleni

dear 1\2PS
Puffing Billy is old.
from keith

Hi 1/2 PS
At Puffing Billy it was so much fun!
From Nicholas

Hi 1/2PS
It was fun at the assembly.
From Alvin

Hi 1/2PS
I liked the games on the blog.
From Keith

To 1/2 PS
I liked playing the games. It was fun to play the games.
From Rinna

Hi Mrs Philippe
I liked going to CERES. It was so fun to go there. I hope you had fun too! I love you Mrs Philippe.
From Eleni

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