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CERES Environment Park

by Ethan

On Thursday 3rd of May 1/2PS and 1/2PM went to CERES Environment Park to learn all about water.

We got there by bus. When we arrived at CERES we did some activities. First we did netting at the creek. Next we did the Bean Bag Toss. After that we did the Pollution Story.

Then we went back to the bus to return to school.


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Hi 1/2PS
It was fun at CERES. I hope that we get to go there again.
From Tim

Hi Ethan
I like your work and those three pictures that you did. And thank you for helping me doing my pictures.
From Keith

I like your work Ethan, and the pictures.
From Alvin

Dear Mrs Philippe,

Thank you for bringing us on the excursion. I had so much fun Mrs Philippe!!!!
From Annabelle

Hi Mrs Philippe
It was so fun at CERES Environment Park!
From Terry

Hi 1/2PS
I am happy because Mrs Philippe came with us.
From Matthew

Dear Mrs Philippe
I am sad because my mum did not go to the environment park.
From Katerina

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