Under the Sea


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This term we are learning about Under the Sea. Click on the name of the sea creature you would like to learn more about –




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Hi Mrs Philippe and 1/2 PS
I like when we made a paper fish. It was fun!
From Eleni

Hi Mrs Philippe
When we made the paper fish it was really hard to make the body of the fish.
So how did you get the plan and idea and when did you make the blog?
🙂 Tiana

Hi Mrs Philippe,
I had a fun day leaning about sea creature and also I loved the art we did!

from Kimberly your mate!!

Hi Mrs Philippe
I am so excited for the assembly but I really want my mum to come because I want her to see the work I have done.

from Tiana

Hi Mrs Philippe
Seahorses have curly tails and they can change colour. They can hold onto the plants there curly tails and sometimes the seahorses can get dizzy.
from Matthew

Dear Mrs Philippe,
I love the Octopus’ Garden song from the Assembly.
Love Jessica

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