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For Monday’s Art Lesson we are going to make a 3D paper fish. Click on the picture to view the tutorial.

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Dear 1/2 PS
I loved making the paper fish. It was fun. I hope it was fun for you too. i would love to make it at home. I hope you make it at home as well. Have a nice day!
From Rinna

Hi Mrs Philippe
I liked making the 3D fish.
From Alvin

Dear Mrs Philippe,

THANK YOU for helping us do the paper fish!
From Annabelle

Hi Mrs Philippe!
I would like make paper fish again. It was really fun and I enjoyed doing it.
From Tim

Hi Mrs Philippe,
I love the 3D paper fish because they look so beautiful 🙂
From Jennifer

Dear Miss Philippe,
I liked doing the paper fish. I really enjoyed it!! I hope we can make them again!!!

From: Kimberly your lovely mate!

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