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1/2 PS will be performing at Assembly in Week 6. We are going to be sharing some of the interesting things we have learnt about life under the sea. We’d love you all to come and watch us! Here is a sneak peak of one of the songs we will be singing and dancing to.

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Great song!!!
I’m looking forward to be in the audience for a bunch of great performers.
Thanks to the fantastic coaches/producers.
Ethan’s mum

Dear 1/2PS
I can’t wait to do assembly! I’ve got a feeling its going to be good.
From Rinna

Ms Philippe
I really think the song “Octopus’s Garden” was a good choice for the assembly.
From Keith.

Dear Mrs Philippe
Doing Octopus’s Garden is so much fun.
From Alvin

Hi Mrs Philippe,
I like the song for Assembly because it was so nice. 🙂
From Jennifer

Hi Mrs Philippe,
I can’t wait until it is our turn to do assembly because this year I am hoping that my mum or dad can come 🙂
From Cindy

Dear Mrs Philippe,
I love the Octopus’ Garden dance a lot and the song
too 🙂
From Jessica

Dear Mrs Philippe,

Thank you for putting the Octopus’s Garden for us & thank you so much!!!
From Annabelle

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